Credit digital securities to investors

The last step of the process requires you to transfer the investors purchased digital securities to their account.


Please make sure that the following prerequisites are met. Otherwise, you might not be able to complete the process:

  • You have accepted an investment offer from an investor, the investor has paid the investment amount as well as chosen a way to receive the digital securities.

  • You have set up your Ledger Nano S device. If not have a look into the setup guide.

  • Your wallet has sufficient Ether credit to pay the transaction fees (currently approx. 0.005 ETH for 10 issues).

Initiate the issuance process

If these requirements are met, you will see a button on the right for the particular investment. Click on this button with the label "Send digital securities to investor":

The software now searches for your connected Ledger Nano S. Connect the Ledger Nano S to the computer:

Enter your PIN-code on the Ledger Nano S and navigate to the Ethereum app. The software will now recognize your wallet and perform a security check.

Commit the issuance transaction

Now check the number of securities and the investor's address. The transactions cannot be reversed after sending them.

In the background simultaneously, we check that the investment has gone through, and the investor provided a valid address.

Click the button "Send digital securities":

The transaction will now be sent to the Ethereum network. You can check the status of the transaction at any time.

The digital securities have been credited to the investor's account as soon as this status indicates "Success":

Complete the deployment setup (if this is your first issuance)

If this is your first interaction with your token smart contract, you will need to confirm that this token smart contract is yours. Click on the "Complete token setup" button to do this:

Check the data of your token again and then click on "Complete setup":

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You can check the status of the transaction through our service provider Etherscan. Wait until the transaction has been completed successfully. Then click on "Back to the crediting of the securities".

First, please make sure that the device is connected to your Laptop, you have unlocked the device with your PIN and you have entered the installed Ethereum Application on the Ledger Device.

If this is the case, check if the setting "Contract Data" is set to "Yes" on your Ledger Nano S:

  1. Open the Ethereum app on the Nano S ledger.

  2. Go to "Settings" (left and right button to scroll, both at the same time to confirm)

  3. Continue to "Contract Data" (again left and right button to scroll and confirm both at the same time)

  4. Scroll to "Yes" and confirm with both buttons simultaneously.

  5. You will then automatically exit the menu item "Contract Data" and find yourself again in the settings.

This may also be necessary after you have updated the Ledger device or the Ethereum application.

Some Windows versions did not support the use of the Ledger device. These issues should be fixed by now. If you are experiencing problems try to update the Ledger device as well as the Ethereum app. You may then need to enable contract data again (see above).

After the payment is marked as settled the investor is asked to decide how they want to receive the purchased securities. There are different provider that offer digital depots to hold and manage digital assets.

Digital depots and wallets explained

A digital depot is comparable to a traditional depot and has a public address similar to an "IBAN". By entering the address, investors are credited with the digital securities after issue. The address also allows investors to transfer securities among themselves. To do this, the sender enters the recipient's address.

When buying digital securities via Cashlink, we offer investors these three options:

  • Investors can use the integrated Cashlink Depot. It takes only a few minutes to set up and the service is free of charge for investors.

  • Investors can use the compatible digital portfolio of our partner Finoa.

  • Investors can use an ERC-20 compatible Ethereum wallet.

The creation of a secure digital depot with Cashlink only takes a few minutes. In addition to the password provided by the investor during the investment process, an additional secure password is assigned to the safekeeping account. In addition, each action in the custody account is confirmed with a mobile device of the investor, so that third parties never have access to the digital securities.

The digital custody account offers many functions, such as a portfolio overview and free transfer of securities to other investors.

Cashlink never has access to the securities. This is very important for the security of investors' securities, but also means that access must be secured in case the investor has lost his password: The investor is issued with a security certificate during the creation process. Only with this security certificate can the investor restore his securities account in such a case.


Finoa is a German service provider specialising in the custody of digital securities for professional investors. The assets are cryptographically stored via an infrastructure secured according to bank standards, so that third parties have no access.

Analogous to a traditional online banking account, investors can view and transfer their assets at any time. The account is also cryptographically linked to the investor's biometric fingerprint, which is verified, for example, when securities are transferred via a smartphone application. This innovative mechanism also enables the simple use of multi-signatures, i.e. the release of transfers by one or more persons, in order to make the handling of digital securities even more secure and to meet the requirements of professional investors.

ERC-20 Wallet

All securities issued through Cashlink are transferable with an ERC-20 compatible wallet. The sender must be authenticated for transmission. This is done with a private key stored in the wallet.