The Cashlink Studio enables you to administer your product and to monitor the fundraising campaign. Your assigned point of contact at Cashlink will share your Cashlink Studio access details with you.


The Cashlink Studio provides you with access to all investment and investor data.

Create an investment campaign

In the first step, you create a campaign that controls under what terms investors are able to invest. Share the URL of the campaign with investors.

Accept investment offers

After an investor has finished the investment process via the campaign, the Cashlink Studio notifies you that an offer can be accepted. After you have confirmed the offer, the investment contract is legally binding.

Check incoming payments

After you have approved the offer, the investor is presented with the payment details. You are notified about that and you can then check on your bank account if you have received the payment. After that, you can mark the payment as settled within the Cashlink Studio.

Credit digital securities

You can now use your Ledger Nano S device and the Cashlink Studio to issue the securities to the investor.