Distribution via Effecta as a financial institution

Lower the risks of your fundraising activities

Selling financial products to investors as an activity bears certain risks that you have to consider. For example, investors may later question the information that you provided them. That may lead to effort on your side and can - in the worst outcome - mean losing money.

We, therefore, offer you to conduct the distribution via Cashlink as an agent of Effecta as a financial institution. We in cooperation with Effecta will check all documents involved in the distribution process and make sure that they adhere to market standards. Effecta as a financial institution will then take care of all complaints raised by any investor.

As a result, you will have to conclude an agreement with Effecta GmbH. In this contract, we are also mentioned as the actual agent. You will not incur any further costs as a result of this cooperation.

Effecta GmbH and its sales partners address their services to private clients, professional clients and suitable counterparties. In doing so, it acts neutrally and is not subject to any kind of dependency whatsoever due to any interrelationships with product providers. Effecta GmbH concentrates exclusively on the regulatory requirements and functions imposed on an institution and is therefore merely a service provider and, on account of this strategic orientation, does not feel committed to turnover, but exclusively to the quality and "good conduct" (compliance) of the sales process.

Read more about Effecta here.