Process Customizations

Customizing the investment process

The investment process can be easily customized to fit your requirements. During the onboarding, we configure the process according to your needs. This involves the following:

  • Adding or removing steps from the default process

  • Adding or removing checkboxes and documents to be signed by the investor

  • Defining the set of data that investors have to provide (e.g. tax or bank account data)

Customizing the data room

Providing information to your potential investors is a key part of the issuance process. Investors need to decide whether they want to invest in the asset.

Before the issuance can start, we, therefore, help you to create a data room with the information you want to provide to investors.

Data room for an example asset.

Your contact at Cashlink will guide you through the setup of the data room. The following kinds of data can be displayed to investors:

  • Styled text

  • Links

  • Documents (PDF, Excel, ...)

  • Images