The Cashlink Tokenization API provides facilities to deploy and manage the distributed ledger components of a digital security. It can be used to easily integrate Cashlink features into your existing IT infrastructure in a reliable and secure manner, without having to worry about the low-level internals of Ethereum or similar networks.
This API provides access to a set of interlinked smart contracts, deployed on a DLT-network. You can choose between the Ethereum Mainnet, the Matic sidechain, the Stellar network or the EOS blockchain (only in the sandbox environment). The smart contracts on Ethereum Mainnet and the Matic sidechain provide an ERC-20 based token interface to check account balances as well as perform transfers. With regards to Stellar the API will deploy and manage an asset.
If you are interested in the technical details of how we deal with the complexities of smart contracts and the Ethereum network, please refer to our blog post about this topic or contact us directly.
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