Whitelisting investors

Cashlink allows for flexible whitelisting of investors to enable issuers to restrict the pool of investors that are allowed to transfer securities between each other.

Why is whitelisting necessary?

In order for you company to meet regulatory compliance it is necessary to restrict the transfer of digital securities between investors. By doing so you make sure that only such investors hold digital securities that are not forbidden by law to do so. For example, you may want to whitelist only investors residing within the European Union or only professional investors.

During the setup of your issuance, we help you define criteria for investors that should be on your whitelist. We then use software to check every transaction that occurs and only allow them if both sender and recipient fulfill the whitelist criteria.

You are not restricted to using only the Cashlink whitelisting system. You can easily add other Cashlink-compatible pools of investor whitelists provided to you by third-party providers. We continuously add partners that provide compatible whitelists.