Managing redemptions

The amount of a product that an investor owns can be reduced partially or in full via the redemption function. Starting a redemption will burn the token amount stored on the selected account address of the investor. Redeemed amounts cannot be issued again.

The following steps only apply to Digital Securities (sui generis). For instructions on how to redeem securities issued with Cashlink as a crypto securities registrar, please contact the Cashlink Support.

The pre-condition for using this function is that you paid the redemption payment to the investor has been processed successfully. After this has been done, you can use the redeem function.

To do so, search for the customer you just paid in the page Customers.

Once you find them, go to the Customer Details by clicking the blue arrow. In the Customer details section scroll down to the Investment table. On top of the investment table you will find a “Create redemption” button.

You need to know how many units you would like to redeem and for which product. In case you don’t know, you may click on the blue arrow, to get to the Investment Details page and look for this information.

Once you know, you are ready to complete the redemption. Go back to the Customer Details page, and click on the Create Redemption button. A modal appears.

From the drop-down, select the product you want to do the redemption for and enter how many units you would like to redeem.


The redemption was successful.

This operation burns the tokens you entered and reduces the token balance in the investor's wallet. It also changes the status of the investment from success to "redeemed".

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