Cashlink Studio is a software that allows you as an issuer to manage the distribution of digital securities and the clearing and settlement process directly from your browser.

This documentation guides you through the use of Cashlink Studio. It is divided into three parts:

Participation in a company as digital company shares: Cashlink Studio works for all kinds of financial instruments. To facilitate the issuance of digital company shares for scale-up companies we have developed a legal template. In this documentation, we will also explain how the digital company share works.

Getting help

If you have any questions, our support team is always at your disposal. Talk to your point of contact or send us an email to support@cashlink.de.

Try it out

Try out our demo environment to see the Cashlink Studio software in action. You are able to test the complete process in a secure environment.

Also, use our investor demo to have a closer look into the investment process.