There are several cases where investments need to be cancelled via the Cashlink Studio which are the following:

  • The investor has failed to finish the KYC process

  • The investor has failed to pay the investment amount in time

  • The investor want to cancel the contract within the cancellation period

This page gives you an overview of the different options.

In all of these cases, the cancelled investment amount is available for a new distribution after the cancellation has been processed.

Failed KYC cancellation

In order for an investment to succeed, investors need to go through a KYC process. This process can fail for several reasons including that the investor didn't finish the identity verification process (e.g. video identification). In such cases, you can use the Cashlink Studio to cancel the investment. To do so, visit the investment details page and within the "KYC and Compliance" section click on "Cancel investment".

Failed payment cancellation

Each product is set up with a payment deadline in days. If the payment amount for an investment has not been marked as received prior to the deadline, you can cancel the investment for that reason. This can be done on the "Incoming payments" tab.

Investor cancellation within cancellation period

In some cases, a product may have a cancellation period during which the investor can decide to unwind the investment. As sometimes, cancellations are also granted after this period, the Cashlink Studio allows for such cancellations even after the cancellation period. However, it displays a warning message.

You can cancel the investment in such cases by visiting the investment details page by clicking on "Cancel investment".

Please note that if you cancel an investment where the digital securities have already been issued to the investor's wallet, a redemption or a new distribution is not possible. The token will remain inside the investor's wallet and thus may nonetheless be eligible for payouts such as interest payments or dividends.

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