Investor onboarding

In order for an investor to make an investment offer, they have to set up an account with the platform.

Creating an account with the platform requires the collection of a set of data and the verification of this data via a video identification provider. This can be done through a dedicated registration process, which contains the following customer related steps and if completed, results in an investment-ready account:

  1. Account data including personal data, email-address and password

  2. Knowledge & Experience about the customer's previous investment behaviour

  3. Video identification

  4. Additional data, which can include tax and deposit information (this step is optional and can be configured)

In order for a platform to offer the dedicated registration process to their investors, it first needs to reach out to Cashlink to enable that option. Once that is done, the platform's URL can simply be enhanced by the URL-path /register to link future investors into the registration process. Example: assuming the platform's URL was, the registration URL would be

Alternatively, the creation of an account can also happen as an integrated part of each investment process, be it an invitation or an investment campaign the platform set up.

Onboarding of natural persons

During the account setup, the following data will be stored for natural persons in relation to § 10 sec. (1) GwG and § 11 sec. (4) GwG:

Personal data

  • Salutation

  • Forename and surname

  • Birthday

  • Birthplace

  • Nationality

  • Confirmation that the investor is not a PeP

  • Confirmation that the investor is the sole beneficiary

Identification data

  • Identification document number

  • Document issue date

  • Document issuer

  • Valid from date

  • Valid to date

Residence address

  • Street and number

  • Postal code

  • City

  • Country

During the account setup, the following data will be stored for legal persons in relation to § 10 sec. (1) GwG, § 11 sec. (4),(5) GwG, and § 12 sec. (2) GwG :

Company data

  • Company name

  • Legal entity type

  • Commercial register

  • Commercial register number

  • Commercial register document

  • List of shareholders document

Company address

  • Street and number

  • Postal code

  • City

  • Country

Data of beneficiaries (for each beneficiary)

  • Salutation

  • Forename and surname

  • Birthplace

  • Birthdate

  • Confirmation that the beneficiary is not a Pep

Data of the person in authority

The data of the person acting on behalf of the legal person is stored as a natural person (see onboarding data above).

Video identification

As a part of the onboarding process, the natural person investing or the person who acts on behalf of the legal persons needs to perform a video identification in relation to § 12 sec. (1) GwG.

Depending on the platform setup this is either done via PostIdent or IDNow.


In the case of PostIdent, the investor can choose between three procedures:

The identification process already supports a large number of ID documents. The following lists provide information on this:

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