Customizing the investment process
Each platform and each asset are different. The investment process, therefore, allows for certain customization options that can be set for each product.

Data room

Providing information to your potential investors is a key part of the issuance process. Investors need to decide whether they want to invest in the asset.
The data room provides this information to the potential investor before the investment process is started.
Data room for an example asset.
Your contact at Cashlink will guide you through the setup of the data room. The following kinds of data can be displayed to investors:
  • Styled text
  • Links
  • Documents (PDF, Excel, ...)
  • Images
The data room can also be disabled on a campaign level in order to allow self-hosted product detail pages.


For some investment products, it's necessary to ask the investor about their financial circumstances. These settings determine the maximum amount an investor is able to invest in a certain product. You can set if these checks should apply or not.
Salary (€)
Net worth (€)
Maximum investment amount (€)
1 000
>100 000
10 000
2 x S (max. 25 000)
This checks are designed to work according to §2a VermAnlG sec. (3) as well as §6 WpPG.

Knowledge and experiences for MiFID testing

In accordance with the articles 16 and 24 of the MiFID directive of the European Union (2014/65/EU) a company brokering financial instruments must make an assessment if an investor fits the target market of the product. Therefore, a questionnaire is shown to the investors asking about their knowledge and experiences with financial products. The questions can be adjusted to fit your platform's investment opportunities.

Acknowledgement of VIB risk confirmation

If enabled, the investor is required to confirm the acknowledgment of this risk notification stated on a Vermögensanlageninformationsblatt (VIB) by entering their personal data. This step in the process can be enabled or disabled and is designed to work with §15 VermAnlG.

Commitment text

After the investor has entered all required data, they are asked to confirm that they want to invest. This action can be used to record the legally binding expression of the investor's willingness to buy the asset. The text that is shown to the user can be customized to fit the text on the subscription form.
It's also possible to link a document (such as the loan conditions for example) within the text.
Adding a document as well as adding the text itself is optional.

Checkboxes for investment confirmation

The checkboxes that the investor has to confirm can be customized with regards to the text and the documents that should be linked to the checkbox.

Checkboxes for marketing communication

For targeted marketing communication, customers can opt-in to three different communication channels: email, postal mail and phone. These marketing opt-ins can be configured globally to be shown during the account registration and investor dashboard. For example, if you do not wish to offer communication via postal mail at all, this checkbox can be disabled globally.
Customers may also decide at a later point in time to update the communication preferences. This can be done via the investor dashboard.
If Hubspot is configured for your platform, the changed settings are automatically transferred to HubSpot and the lists are updated.
For example, the customers opt-in will be automatically set to false and updated in Hubspot if you disable the marketing opt-in at a later point in time.
More information on Hubspot can be found here.