Tracking IDs

Investors start the investment process by visiting the campaign URL in their browser. A campaign URL looks like this

By adding the query parameter tracking_id to the URL, the value of the query parameter will be associated with the investment process that will be started by the investor. For example

If an investor has started an investment process with a tracking id and reenters the investment process with another tracking ID, the new tracking ID replaces the old one ("Last click wins").

The tracking id will be part of the statistics reporting containing information about all investment processes.

FinanceAds tracking IDs

The tracking ID also allows the integration of FinanceAds as an affiliate marketing tool. The tracking ID must be set to the current session ID delivered by the cookie on the platform's website.

FinanceAds integration

Please get in touch with your contact at Cashlink, in order to set this up for your platform.

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