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The Cashlink Studio enables you to administer your product and monitor the investment campaigns. Using the tool, you can monitor all investment activities regardless of if they were created via the API or via the white-label frontend.
Please note, that if you create investors via the API they are only then visible in the Cashlink Studio if they have at least a single investment created for them.
Your assigned point of contact at Cashlink will share your Cashlink Studio access details with you. Additional users can be created later on via the Cashlink Support Desk.


For users of the Cashlink Studio there are several permissions that can be set. Permission in the Cashlink Studio are object-based in terms of products. That means that a permission must always be granted for a specific set of products. Having a permission means that you can use it for the products that have been connected to that permission for you.
View data
View product details, invitations, campaigns, investments, and their corresponding investors with all data
Manage distribution
Manage campaigns and invitations (create, activate/deactivate)
Manage data
Manage investment and investor data (e.g. address, compliance, vouchers, transfers)
Manage approvals
Permission to access the approval view and approve and reject investments
Manage incoming payments
Permission to access the incoming payments view and mark investments as paid or cancel them because of missing payment
Manage credit digital securities
Permission to access the credit digital securities view and credit digital securities
Manage vouchers
Create, delete, activate and deactivate vouchers for the assigned products.
Manage redemptions
Create redemptions for investors.