Investment and investor data

Investment data

The menu item "Investments" opens the overview table where you'll find all investments that have been made into your product.

By clicking on the row or on the details button you can see a detailed view of the selected investment.

The detailed investment view shows all relevant information such as name of the investor, investment sum, price per unit, number of units, the dates when the investment was signed, accepted and paid.

The status of an investment gives transparency in which process step an investment is in. An investment can have the following statuses:

  • KYC pending: the investor needs to complete the identity verification.

  • Under review: the investor and investment data are currently reviewed externally.

  • Approval needed: the investment offer needs to be accepted by the issuer.

  • Payment outstanding: the investment needs to be paid by the investor.

  • Wallet setup pending: the investor needs to setup their custody solution.

  • Credit needed: the tokens can be credited to the investor's wallet.

  • Success: the investment process is completed successfully.

  • Rejected: the investment offer was rejected by the issuer.

  • Cancelled: the investment offer was cancelled.

Tax information

With an exemption order, the investment income remains tax-free up to a maximum of the saver's lump sum. This amounts to 1,000 € for single people and 2,000 € for married couples or registered partners.

In order to receive the tax exemption, the investor must issue an exemption order to the issuer. If the issuer does not have an exemption order, it is legally obliged to pay 25 % withholding tax on all investment income - plus solidarity surcharge and, if applicable, church tax - to the tax office.

If the investor's income is below the income tax threshold, they do not have to pay tax on investment income. This is the case, for example, for minors who do not yet have their own income. To ensure that the bank where the investment is held does not automatically pay the tax, the must submit a so-called non-assessment certificate. The investor can obtain this certificate on request from their tax office. The tax exemption is not limited to the above-mentioned saver's allowance in the case of a non-assessment certificate.

The tax information displays the tax id, the tax exemption order amount and if a non-assessment certificate has been provided. This data can be edited in the detailed investor view.

Payment details

The payment details show exactly how the payable amount for the investment sum is structured. If a voucher was applied, the used voucher code can be seen here. If agio or accrued interest are applicable for a product, it is displayed here as well.

KYC and compliance data

The investment's detailed view also shows the progress with the KYC and compliance process for an investment. See also KYC and compliance process.

Customer data

Use the sidebar navigation to view all customers that have either successfully invested or at least started the investment journey by creating an account via the menu item "Customers".

By clicking on the row or on the details button you can see a detailed view of the selected customer.

The detailed customer view shows the identification and investor compliance data, personal information, all investments the customer has invested in as well as the total invested sum.

In case an identification needs to be restarted, platform admins find the CTA "Send out a new identification invitation" in the Identification card.

Changing customer's data

Users with the Manage Data permission can edit the residential address of investors, company data of legal persons, bank account data, securities deposit account data and tax information.

Additionally, all email communication can be tracked in the Investor Details. The link "Resend" allows you to trigger each individual email additional times.

Adding a wallet for an investor

You may add a wallet for an investor under Customer details.

When a customer has completed an investment, you may add a wallet for this investor to receive her tokens. You can do this in the Customer details page, in the section Wallets.

You can also see all the wallets the customer has linked to her account.

Investor account deletions

Suppose the investor has not created any investments yet or the investments are already cancelled + the signature date of all cancelled investments is older than 6 months. In that case, the deletion can be done immediately. In this case, the investor will be notified one last time by email about the deletion of their investor account. Navigate to the detailed investor page and scroll all the way to the bottom where you will find the Delete Account button. If the investor has cancelled investments within the 6-month retention period, the soonest possible deletion date is 6 months after the last signature date. The administrator of the platform can deactivate the investor's account until the final deletion. The investor will be notified by email of the deactivation of their account and the earliest possible deletion date. In our example below, the signing date was 11.11.2022, so the earliest possible deletion date is 11.05.2023. If you hover over the tooltip, you can see who requested the deletion and when.

Please note that we are currently unable to delete investor accounts with wallets.

If an investors account has been deactivated, you can reactivate the account any time.

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