KYC and compliance process

The Cashlink Studio displays information about the KYC/AML and the compliance process.
For each investor, the KYC status is shown having one of the following values:
  • Ident started
  • Under review
  • Manual review required
  • Rejected
  • Success
Once the identification at the video ident provider is successful, the investment and investor data is sent to our liability umbrella partner Effecta (if configured). For each investor and investment the Cashlink Studio displays the compliance status having one of the following values:
  • TBD
  • Data not yet transmitted
  • Success
  • Unknown
  • Resubmitted
  • Failed
The compliance information will then also include the detailed feedback from Effecta, if available.
If the KYC status, investment compliance and investor compliance are all successful, then the investment is ready to be accepted by the issuer.

Handling new identification requests

From time to time Effecta may require a new identification for the investor because the one created is not valid or data has changed that is not reflected in the (past) identification. For you to resolve this, you can initiate a new identification in the Cashlink Studio on the details page of the investment where the requirement is set by Effecta.
If the process is not finished by the investor, you're also able to cancel the investment.