Managing new investments

After an investment has been created by an investor in the online investment process or imported via the API, there are certain actions that need to be performed in order for the investment to settle:

  • Accept the investment

  • Mark the investment as paid

  • Credit the digital securities

Accept the investment

After the successful investor onboarding process, Cashlink Studio notifies you via email that a new investment offer was placed. You can either accept or reject the investment offer. If there is more than one investment ready for approval you can use the batch approval function. Just click on the button on the top right of the table. You will be asked for confirmation. After confirmation, all offers will be accepted.

Alternatively, we can enable an automated acceptance for investments approved by our license shield partner Effecta.

After the investment offer has been accepted, the investor is notified via email along with all signed documents. If the offer is rejected the investor is also notified via email.

Mark the investment as paid

Cashlink will notify investors when you as the issuer have accepted the offer.

The notification will include all documents signed by the investor in PDF format. Investors will also be notified to revisit the investment process in order to view the payment details for the investment.

We don't send payment details such as your IBAN to investors via email. This would impose the risk of phishing attacks as emails can be easily manipulated and investors may receive fake payment notifications.

After you have received the payment on your bank account, please use the Cashlink Studio to mark the payment as settled. You can also use the batch confirmation process to mark all payments as settled.

Supported payment methods

Payment method


SEPA credit transfer


Batch confirmation

Credit the digital assets

The last step of the process requires you to transfer the investors purchased digital securities to their account. Just click on the "Credit digital securities" button on the "Credit digital securities" view within the Cashlink Studio. You'll confirm this action with a second click.

Alternatively, we can enable an automated issuance of digital securities to investors whose accounts are set up.

If the investment terms allow a cancellation of the investment contract by the investor, the credit should be delayed until the cancellation period is over. You should disable the auto-credit feature in this case.

Only after the assets have been credited, the investor is eligible to receive redemption payments, interest payments, dividends or the like.

For crypto securities the entry into the registry is performed when the credit is initiated.

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