Structure of the security

Before you can collect investments for your company with the help of Digital Company Shares, the issuance must be approved by your shareholders. All shareholders must approve the following documents:

Digital Company Share Agreement

The core is the Digital Company Share Agreement. The Digital Company Share Agreement contains the definition of the Digital Company Shares that are to be issued. In this document all product characteristics and all the rights of the owners of Digital Company Shares are exactly described. It is also stated here that the ownership of units of these Digital Company Shares is stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

Investment Agreement

This is a template for a purchase agreement for units of Digital Company Shares. This document is a template: Only when a concrete investment takes place, details such as sales price and quantity are available and entered here. The Digital Company Share Agreement is always attached to the investment agreement.

Back-to-Back Agreement between the shareholders incl. shareholder resolution

By signing this document, all shareholders agree to the issuance of Digital Company Shares and undertake to support the financial terms. Digital Company Share Agreement and Investment Agreement are attached to these documents.
In these documents there are some Legal-Terms, which are individually defined by you. In the following sections, you can learn more about them. We will also discuss these terms with you during the onboarding workshop.