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FinanceAds integration

This guide shows you how to use tracking IDs to facilitate affiliate programs via FinanceAds. If you're not familiar with tracking IDs please consider reading this section first:
Before you continue please make sure that you
  • have registered with FinanceAds in order to offer programs to affiliates
  • contacted Cashlink in order to setup the integration for you
Finance Ads will provide the affiliate partner with a unique URL that identifies the affiliate partner. The affiliate partner will use this URL to forward the user to the platform's website.
In order for the integration to work you need to edit your platform website (hosted outside of Cashlink). The integration involves two steps:
Step 1: Set the FinanceAds cookie
Include the following snippet on the platform's website:
var faCookieExp = 90;
<script src=""></script>
Step 2: Forward the information to Cashlink
If a user visits the website redirected from an affiliate partner the cookie will store a session ID. You need to pass this session ID to Cashlink so that the investment can be associated with the affiliate partner. You do this via tracking IDs. Just add the session ID as a tracking ID to the campaign link you're showing to the user. The tracking ID must be prefixed to distinguish between usual tracking IDs and the ones used for financeAds. This could look similar to this:
if(Cookie.get("faSID") !== null) {
var s_id = Cookie.get("faSID")
var campaing_link = campaign_link + "?tracking_id=finad_"+ s_id;
// update the link ...
When the user clicks on the campaign link with the tracking ID included, the data is set in the Cashlink database. As soon as the issuer accepts the investment offer, the session ID information is sent to FinanceAds and the investment is attributed to the affiliate partner.