This page list all new features that have been made available within new releases.

v1.48.0 - Einsteinium

Released on 2022-05-09
  • Platform admins can now edit the residence address of investors, company data of legal persons, bank account data and securities deposit account data in the Cashlink Studio.
  • Platform admins can now log in to the Cashlink Studio and can view all investment tokens assigned to them. Depending on the permissions, a single user can manage actions such as approving investments, checking incoming payments and crediting digital assets for multiple tokens.
  • We added a new column to the Investment Statistics Reporting. The investment type shows if an investment came from a primary market issuance or created from a token transfer.
  • If an investment is involved in a token transfer, the funnel step changes to 91 TRANSFER. The remaining investment amount after the token transfer is represented in the notional_amount column.
  • We made further bugfixes.

v1.47.0 - Dysprosium

Released on 2022-04-25
  • We added a new detailed product view to the issuer dashboard. We also added a feature that calculates the used allocation (in percent) of a campaign or personal invitation.
  • API users of the Investment Platform API and Registry-as-a-Service API can now start an identification process for investors with their chosen KYC provider. New clients no longer need to integrate the KYC provider themselves.
  • We fixed a bug where investors with a Tangany wallet could not fully complete their app setup on iOS.
  • We made further bugfixes and improved our tech stack.

v1.46.0 - Carbon

Released on 2022-03-31
  • Introducing a new user permissions system: user permissions for issuers and platform admins are now set inside the investment token rather than on user level.
  • We added a new endpoint to the Cashlink API: API users can now create invitations for investors before submitting the actual investments.
  • A paper contract hash of an already deployed smart contract can now be updated.

v1.45.1 - Bismuth (v2)

Released on 2022-03-22
  • We added default sortings in issuer tables.
  • We fixed a bug in the transactions view of investor dashboards, where issuances were not displayed inside the transactions table.
  • We fixed a bug where the survey_submitted_date was not parsed into the investment statistics report.
  • We fixed a bug where investment amounts with decimals were validated wrongly.
  • We fixed a bug where the investment amount was delivered to FinanceAds in a format that could not be processed.

v1.45.0 - Bismuth (v1)

Released on 2022-03-04
  • Marketing opt-ins are now globally configurable. Platforms can decide whether or not they wish to offer certain communication channels in the investment signing process of their All-in-one Solution.
  • Existing clients of the Tokenization API can now create smart contracts using the EOS blockchain in the sandbox environment.
  • We added a new custom checkbox for the crypto securities registry management of Cashlink.
  • We made a major technical refactoring of the investor and issuer dashboards and fixed some bugs on the mobile view of the investment signing process.

v1.44.0 - Argon

Released on 2022-02-15
  • We added exemption_order_date and payment_code as new data fields to the Investment Statistics Reporting.
  • We also improved searches and filters throughout the Django Admin, making it easier for platform admins to navigate and find investor- and investment related data.
  • Further bug fixes were made and we improved the stability of the system.

v1.43.2 - Rabbithole (v2)

Released on 2022-02-04
  • We added a new product type to our system. With this release you can now offer convertible bonds (=Wandelschuldverschreibung) to investors.
  • We now store the date and time of when an exemption order amount is created or last changed.
  • We added the possibility to enable or disable the mail notification that is sent to issuers, notifying them when digital assets can be credited to investor's wallets.

v1.43.0 - Rabbithole (v1)

Released on 2022-01-25
  • We added and linked your website's imprint to every investor and issuer page to comply with §5 of TMG.
  • We also made some improvements on the search filters of issuer dashboards.
  • We fixed a bug where the communication settings of an investor were not exported to the investment statistics report.
  • Further bug fixes were made and we improved the stability of the system.

v1.42.0 - Quynh

Released on 2021-12-21
  • We added search bars to lists and tables in the issuer dashboards, so distinct values can be quickly searched for.
  • We also added filters to lists and tables in the issuer dashboards.
  • The API now supports the creation of legal persons as investors.
  • The API now supports the creation of redemptions for investments.
  • The API now supports the credit of digital assets to investor wallets.
  • Further bug fixes were made and we improved the stability of the system.

v1.41.0 - Pandora

Released on 2021-12-10
  • We integrated our partner Tangany as licensed custody solution for platforms using our white-label solution. Investors can choose Tangany as wallet option during the investment signing process, however only for product tokens with lock-up periods for now (this will be changed soon).
  • We included two new funnel steps in the investment statistics reporting and changed the naming of 9 SUCCESS to 9 PAYMENT_RECEIVED.
  • For platforms that have integrated FinanceAds, the investment amount is now set and sent to FinanceAds as faValue.
  • The KYC provider can be set globally so that platform admins do not need to change it for every product token individually.
  • The platform admin can now name campaigns. This helps to distinguish between multiple created campaigns.
  • The platform admin can now search by the InvestorID in all investor- and investment-related admin pages. We also included search fields in those pages.

v1.40.0 - Olympus

Released on 2021-11-15
  • Platform admins can now create non-tokenized investment tokens end-to-end, incl. setting the KYC provider and enabling rule types for campaigns.
  • Platform admins can add and edit tax exemption order amounts for existing investments.
  • Platform admins can view information on two-factor authentication devices of investors.
  • We added more data fields to the investment statistics report, such as the wallet type of an investor, the mobile device type, if the device is authenticated, the date when tokens were delivered and the transaction hash number on the blockchain. The full list can be found here.
  • We fixed a bug were cancelled investments were still aggregated in the investment sum in the detailed product view.
  • We fixed a bug where the acceptance date in payment reminder emails was displayed wrongly.

v1.39.0 - Narnia

Released on 2021-10-25
  • Platform admins can now activate and deactivate the possibility of offering in-person identification in the investment signing process.
  • We fixed a bug for API users where we delivered the webhook status KYC_INVALID even though it should be KYC_PENDING if the compliance check is still outstanding.
  • Further bug fixes.

v1.38.0 - Mordor

Released on 2021-10-05
  • We improved the technical infrastructure to handle transactions on-chain in preparation to enter secondary markets. This gives issuers more transparency of token issuances and token transfers between investors.
  • Investors can state their knowledge separate to their experience levels for different financial products, which determines the investors suitability for investing into a product.
  • API users can view a documents name in the signed documents endpoint.
  • Further bug fixes.

v1.37.0 - Lilliput

Released on 2021-09-13
  • Investors can transfer Stellar assets to other whitelisted self-custody wallets.
  • Investors can now state their employment type during the signing process.
  • Push notifications for the SafeKeeping App on iOS devices are working again.
  • Further bug fixes and UI improvements were made and we improved the stability of the system.

v1.36.0 - Kingslanding

Released on 2021-08-20
  • Issuers can upload consumer information by Effecta for each investment token.
  • We updated the education levels that investors can state during the signing process.
  • API users can now import the investors knowledge separate from their experience level for each asset class, which determines the investors suitability for investing into a product.
  • Push notifications for the SafeKeeping App on Android devices are working again.

v1.35.0 - Jumanji

Released on 2021-08-04
  • The cost and allowances of an investment can now be viewed during the signing process, prior to submitting the investment offer.
  • Debt security (=Schuldverschreibung) can now be selected as product type.
  • We fixed two bugs where eID identifications and a person's salutation could not be properly processed due to missing fields from the KYC provider Postident.
  • Further bug fixes were made and we improved the stability of the system.

v1.34.0 - Isengard

Released on 2021-07-09
  • This version encompasses several bug fixes and improved the stability of the system.

v1.33.0 - Hogsmeade

Released on 2021-06-21
  • This version encompasses several bug fixes and improved the stability of the system.

v1.32.0 - Gondor

Released on 2021-05-31
  • The API now provides more information about cancellations of investments including the date and the reason why the investment has been canceled
  • We added a feature to the API that automatically creates an account setup document when an investor has completed the KYC/AML process
  • Cashlink now supports the Matic network Ethereum sidechain as an underlying DLT-layer
  • We fixed a bug where profits were not displayed correctly in the investor’s dashboard.

v1.31.0 - Ferenginar

Released on 2021-05-08
  • The Cashlink API now allows importing answers for MiFID testing of investors which is required for using the API in combination with a liability umbrella
  • A tracking feature for investments has been implemented that allows adding a query parameter to the campaign URL that can be used to identify investment processes
  • The tracking URL parameter can also be used in combination with a FinanceAds integration that allows managing affiliates
  • A reconciliation report can be downloaded in a CSV format that allows exporting of all investment and investor data
  • The Cashlink Studio now supports products that have been deployed on-ledger in “managed mode”. Issuance can be done without the need for connecting a Ledger device
  • Issuers now have access to a “Documents”-Section in the Cashlink Studio that gives them access to documents uploaded by the platform admin

v1.30.0 - Essos

Released on 2021-04-16
  • Issuers and platform admins now have more specific possibilities to cancel investments for different reasons.
  • The API now supports the cancellation of investments.
  • We fixed a bug where some data could not be synchronized with XpectoPro because of a key mismatch.

v1.29.1 - Discworld update 01

Released on 2021-04-08
New features:
  • Investors are now able to create an integrated Stellar self-custody wallet during the investment process.
  • The SafeKeeping App now features the creation of Stellar private keys and the signing of Stellar transactions.
  • Platform admins can add tokenization info for deployed Stellar assets.

v1.29.0 - Discworld

Released on 2021-03-31
New features:
  • A new system of forms helps users to quickly enter correct data in all parts of the product.
  • A new API lets you directly create investors and investments programmatically. This enables platforms to connect co-placement platforms or use their own distribution tool.
  • The dashboard tools for investors and issuers can now be used on mobile devices.
  • Fixes were released for minor bugs that have been discovered in the last weeks.

v1.28.0 - Coruscant

Released on 2021-03-08
New features:
  • Tokenized limited partnership has been introduced as a new product type.
  • Friends-referral thank-you vouchers are sent only after the revocation period is over.
  • Status messages for the issuer and the investors are now more consistent and understandable.
  • The portal for issuers now contains so-called "empty views" if no data is available yet.
  • An issue premium can be defined for products.
  • A denomination can be specified for products, which is independent of the issue price.