The following page shows the status of all applications and lists know disruptions to any of them.
If you experience a disruption in one of our applications, please use the Cashlink Support Desk to file an issue report.
Partner APIs
SafeKeeping App
Tokenization API
The application is functioning as expected
⚠️ The application is running but there are issues affecting some functionality
⛔️ The application is currently not available
Current service disruptions
Resolved service disruptions
⚠️ Issues with transfers via Tangany
Affected application(s): Signing, Partner APIs
Description: Some users mights experience issues when trying to initiate a transfer from a wallet provided by Tangany.
Status: Resolved (2022/10/24 15:05 CEST)
⚠️ Document naming missing for cost notification emails
Affected application(s): Signing
Description: The naming of the documents in the costs notification email is missing. Instead, the documents IDs are used as file names.
Status: Resolved (2022/10/18 13:35 CEST)