Basic information

Platform name

Choose a name for your investment platform. This name will be represented throughout the signing process, incl. all e-mail communication to your investors.‌

Company name

Provide us with your legal company name.


Platform name: Cashlink Company name: Cashlink Technologies GmbH

Platform domain name

The domain name of your investment platform is the website URL from where your investors will go through the signing process, make and view their investments.

The domain address will be used exclusively for the signing process and cannot be used for any other purposes. This means that you cannot host your emails and other URLs on this domain (e.g. your privacy policy).

To offer you the white-labeled frontend solution, we need to host your domain address in our system. We prefer it that you tell us your desired platform domain name and we will take care of registering it - you do not need to register it on your own beforehand as this will result in additional process steps to transfer your domain address afterwards.


Platform domain address hosted by us: Other URLs hosted externally:

Logo image for PostIdent

Logo in 360 x 130 px (.jpg or .png) Please note that the background will be white, so please make sure your logo works with a white background.

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