Wallet Guide

Some investors are not always sure which type of wallet option they should use. Therefore, we've added a placeholder for your wallet guide. The wallet guide must be on an existing website URL that is hosted externally from your signing platform.

We've also created a wallet guide, explaining the different custody solutions that we can offer: Feel free to use our guide as a template for your chosen custody solutions.

Mobile Safekeeping App

The Mobile SafeKeeping App serves as two-factor authentication that can be additionally used to store the private key of an investor. The app can be branded to your corporate colors and logos.

For creating the app in the Apple and Google Play stores we need the following information:

App name

Select a name for the SafeKeeping app. Be aware that this app name will be visible in the app stores and lists, on the investor's home screen and in the app itself.


App name: Cashlink SafeKeeping

A few restrictions on defining your app name:

  • The app name cannot exceed more than 30 characters.

  • The app name should not contain any special characters.

App store entry

Each app requires a store entry that includes screenshots as a preview and a description.

We take care of the screenshots. For the description, we recommend using ours as a template.

Cashlink SafeKeeping app store description

Securely transfer digital securities

The Cashlink SafeKeeping app provides more security for the digital securities held in your Cashlink account. With this app as a second factor, you confirm the secure transfer of digital securities. SEND DIGITAL SECURITIES SECURELY Conveniently initiate your transfers in your Cashlink account and confirm them in your app. This offers you extra convenience as well as more security. ENCRYPTED AND SECURE A secure key is generated on your smartphone that is used to encrypt the transfer. Once your smartphone is linked to your Cashlink account, third parties cannot access your digital securities. EASY SETUP We guide you through the entire setup process in just a few steps. SIMPLE RECOVERY PROCESS We help you recover your app in case of device change or PIN loss.

If you decide to write your own app descriptions (must be provided in English and German), please follow the app store rules and guidelines. Otherwise, your SafeKeeping app will not pass store review and slows down app release.

Privacy Policy and T&C

Every app listing in the Apple and Google Play stores requires a submission of your platform's privacy policy and terms and conditions.

For this, we can use the same website URLs that are provided for the investment platform.

Please be aware that the content of the privacy policy + T&C must be ready and finalized upon app submission, as Apple reviews this too. Without the final privacy policy, we cannot finish your onboarding which will result in delays in taking your platform live.

Installation and mnemonic guides

Installation guide of the SafeKeeping app

The installation guide must be on an existing website URL that is hosted externally from your signing platform.

We created a brief guide ( on how investors can install the mobile SafeKeeping app onto their devices. Feel free to use our guide as a template.

Custody options

You as a platform can choose between two different custody options that need different onboarding steps:

  • Self-custody via SafeKeeping App

  • Regulated custody powered by our partner Tangany

Both solutions will require the SafeKeeping app and the wallet guide mentioned above.

Self-custody via SafeKeeping App

Mnemonic guide

When setting up the SafeKeeping app, investors need to store a mnemonic phrase consisting of 12 words. This will help them restore their digital assets when switching phones or deleting the app. We created a FAQ page where we also briefly explain the term and its use (

The mnemonic guide must be on an existing website URL that is hosted externally from your signing platform. Feel free to use our guide as a template.


In order to set up the regulated custody option for Tangany, we'll need the following data:

  • Tangany subscription API-key

  • Tangany vault URL

  • Tangany client ID

  • Tangany client secret (please use a secure channel to communicate this)

  • URL of the T&Cs for Tangany hosted on a domain outside your platform

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