Optional features

Invest now URL (optional)

If you offer more than one investment product and want to sell your other products to your investors too, we can link the website URL to the signing process. This way your investors have quick and easy access to your product portfolio.‌

Please note that this website URL also needs to be hosted externally and cannot be the same domain address as your signing platform.


Platform domain address hosted by us: cashlink-invest.de Invest now URL hosted externally: www.cashlink.de

Referrals (optional)

We offer the possibility for your investors to invite their family and friends to your investment platform and earn credit for it by using voucher codes.‌

The referrers share their voucher code, which the referrees enter during their investment process and will be deducted from the investment amount. Once the investment offer is accepted and the cancellation period has passed, the referrers receive a new voucher code via email, that they can use for investing into other products. The voucher codes will be treated as disagio from the investment.‌

For that, you need to define the incentives that each party receives.‌ A voucher has an amount that can either be a fixed amount or a percentage of the investment amount. For example, a voucher may provide a bonus of 10 € for investments up to 50 € and 20 € bonus for investments up top 100 € and so on. Another example may be a voucher code that gives a 1% bonus for investments starting at 500 € or a bonus of 5% if the investment amount exceeds 10,000 €.

We require separate T&C for the referrals. We prefer to receive this in a PDF file, Word document or Markdown text and can integrate them in the languages that you provide us.

For additional information on referrals, please reach out to your direct contact person.

Hubspot (optional)

Information on what data is transmitted via Hubspot can be found here

We can integrate your Hubspot account into your investment platform. You can choose if you only want to connect to the CRM platform and/or integrate the Chatbot as well.

If you wish to integrate both, we will need:

  • Hubspot Access Token

  • Chatbot ID

Read the steps below for the Hubspot Access Token configuration.

1. Creating a Hubspot Private App

To be able to sync the contacts to your Hubspot account, you first need to create a "Cashlink" Private App in the Hubspot Account Setup settings. For that please follow the instructions described here.

Then, set the following scopes and click on "Create app":

  • crm.objects.contacts - READ & WRITE

  • crm.objects.custom - READ & WRITE

  • crm.objects.deals - READ & WRITE

  • crm.schemas.contacts - READ & WRITE

  • crm.schemas.deals - READ & WRITE

  • communication_preferences.read - REQUEST

  • communication_preferences.read_write - REQUEST

  • communication_preferences.write - REQUEST

  • content - REQUEST

  • oauth - REQUEST

After the "Cashlink" Private App is successfully created, please securely share the Hubspot Access Token with your partner manager.

Next, navigate to the Properties section and create a new contact property named "Cashlink_managed".

3. Creating subscription types

To see which communication preferences are selected by investors, we need to create subscription types. For that please follow the instructions described here.

⚠️The subscription types must be named exactly by the following, otherwise, the communication preferences cannot be synced:

  • Marketing Information (already created by default)

  • Telefon Opt-in

  • Post Opt-in

Navigate to Settings > Tools > Marketing > Emails > Subscription Types and create a new subscription type.

Once your platform is onboarded and the first investors register on your platform, the contacts will be synced to your Hubspot account. By clicking on one of the contacts, you can view their selected communication preferences.

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