Step 3: Submit a Product

Submit a Create or update a product ticket in the Cashlink Support Desk

Only complete product sheets will be processed. To meet the 5 business day deadline (Monday - Friday), please make sure that your Product Sheet is in its final version and everything is verified as complete.

Optional Services can be added to your Product submission. Each service booked is added to your monthly invoice without any additional paperwork.

  • If applicable, select your Optional Services (chargeable)

  • Insert the Product Sheet Name as your Ticket title

  • Please include the Planned Go-Live Date in the Description

  • Copy+paste the Product Sheet + Issuance/Product-Folder (e.g. #1-Immovest FB)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Cashlink Project Manager

Microsoft OneDrive Please ensure that the links to the Product Sheet and Product Folder have the correct permissions to be opened by our team. Instructions here.

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