You can create transfers of digital assets between investors via the API. The following preconditions must be fulfilled in order for a transfer to be possible:

  • The source wallet is a managed wallet. The target wallet can either be a generic or a managed wallet.

  • The amount of the transfer must not be lower than the available amount for the product on the source wallet.

  • The lock-up period of the product has ended.

The response contains a status field with the following codes:

  • processing: The task is created and is currently being executed

  • failed: The task could not be completed

  • succeeded: The task was completed successfully

  • unknown: The task needs manual investigation to determine if the transaction has actually succeeded.

Updated information about the source investment as well as the newly created target investment are available via the API’s investment endpoints

Please note that there is no 2FA enforced directly via the API. If you need to add a 2FA security mechanism you're free to do so on your end and only sent transfer requests for approved transactions.

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