Step 2: Filling out the Product Sheet

Please fill in the Planned Go-Live Date and indicate whether this is an eWpG issuance or not (dropdown menu). Also, provide information in the white highlighted Client information/ comment column. All grey cells contain information or will be added by Cashlink after product creation.

Only complete product sheets will be processed. To meet the 5 business day deadline (Monday - Friday), please make sure that your Product Sheet is in its final version and everything is verified as complete.

Microsoft Office Please do not contact your Cashlink Project Manager using their Microsoft email address. You can find the official Cashlink email addresses on the Contact tab in your Client Project Sheet.

Upload all relevant documents for the product/issuance to your designated Issuance/Product-Folder. Google - Drive -> EXT COMPANY NAME <--> Cashlink -> Issuances/Products - Form B (FB s) -> select your current Issuance/Product-Folder Microsoft - OneDrive -> EXT - COMPANY NAME - Cashlink -> Issuances-Products-Form B (FB s) -> select select your Issuance/Product-Folder

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via the Cashlink Service Desk (Link provided on the top left of the Product Sheet)

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