Accept investment offers

After the successful investor onboarding process, Cashlink Studio notifies you via email that a new investment offer was placed. Yo can either accept or reject the investment offer.

If the investment offer has been accepted the investor is notified via email along with all signed documents. If the offer is rejected the investor is also notified via email.

Investor onboarding explained

In order for an investor to make an investment offer, they have to setup an account and commit to an investment amount. After that, they are presented with a link to PostIdent for identity verification. The investor can choose between three procedures:

The identification process already supports a large number of ID documents. The following lists provide information on this:

Cashlink performs AML checks together with Effecta. Cashlink and Effecta can reject investors without giving reasons.

Business KYC

For companies investing the KYC process includes the entry of personal data of all beneficial owners of the company. In addition, the investor must state that they are not politically exposed persons.

Once the investor has already processed an investment via Cashlink, he can re-register with his login data and only needs to confirm the data. The signing of the brokerage agreement will not be required.