Price and quantity

In order to sell Digital Company Shares you have to define how many units you want to sell and for which price. For our example we assume the following data:
Value used in the example
Naming in the example
Investors' share of the new share capital
equity stake
Total investments
EUR 200.000
Paid-in share capital of your company
EUR 30.000
share capital
How many shares correspond to € 1 of the share capital?
calculation factor
With this information, you can now calculate the number of pieces of digital company shares and the price per share. As described above, we first assume that 1 piece of the digital company share has the economic value of EUR 1 of the share capital.
The first step is the calculation of the pre-money valuation (value of the company before the investment):

Pre-money valuation = (investment/equity stake) - investment

Pre-money valuation = (EUR 200,000 / 0.1 ) - EUR 200,000 = EUR 2,000,000 - EUR 200,000 = EUR 1,800,000
Now we calculate the value per EUR 1 of the share capital:
Share price = Pre-money valuation / share capital.
Share price = EUR 1.800.000 / 30.000 = EUR 60
With this information, we can now calculate the number of digital company shares that need to be issued:
Number of digital shares = (investment / share price)


Number of digital shares = (EUR 200.000 / EUR 60 ) = 3,333
This is how the result of the round looks compared to before the round:
Before funding round
After funding round
Share capital (commercial register)
EUR 30,000
EUR 30,000
Share capital (economic)
EUR 30,000
EUR 33,333
EUR 1,800,000
EUR 2,000,000
Investor share in %
0,00 %
10,00 %
Investor share
EUR 3,333